Asian New Retail Services, DNA Map



Enterprises & Brands, large and small are realizing the gains to be had from establishing their presence within Asia, Asia that has become the new frontier not just for global trade and capital, but also knowledge creation, culture and digitalisation. To assist these Enterprises and Brands better, ANR has independently researched and pieced together the "New Retail Services, DNA Map" with 50+ service categories that pan across five broad groups namely Commercial Channels, Marketing & Sales, IT & Data, Supply Chain and Professional Services.  Creating an integrated Omni-channel environment takes attention to evolving customer demands and a commitment to creating frictionless shopping experiences for consumers interacting with your brand. Then, translating that into an initiative that fosters a healthy “New Retail” economy.

"The future of Retail will be highly experiential. Brands will engage the customer's senses, cater to  convenience and let customers shop on their own terms."