Asian New Retail, ER


"New Retail ER" is a proprietary platform [Division] of The Asian General Chamber of New Retail [ANR] specifically designed by ANR's Expert Networks to help Brands and Corporations alike navigate through challenging processes across the whole spectrum of New Retail channels & Ecosystem and offer customised solutions. New Retail ER's qualifications are, in part, its Asian & Global blue-chip client list.  


ANR-ER conducts credible market research, local and global, and provides innovative thinking captured in clear, involving debriefs. The conversation can start at any point of the process and need not end at the debrief. New Retail ER regularly hosts hybrid events, engages Brands and Corporations on different topics and invites experts and leaders from various sectors to share their experiences and insights. Our host of Experts provide actionable answers to help Businesses & Brands overcome transformational challenges and adapt to the NEXT NORMAL. 

Call us New Retail ‘ER’ OR the New Retail, Market Whisperers, we engage Brands & Businesses in an ‘open Q&A’’ with a Deep-Dive methodology to better understand their situation in correlation to the market dynamics. Since the inception of New Retail, ‘ER’ in late 2021, we have engaged with over 2000 active participants, 400+ Business & Brand Representatives as registered members across 4 episodes of ‘ER’.