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The Asian General Chamber of New Retail (ANR), the world’s first New Retail B2B [Not-for-profit] Organization is on a mission to connect and empower Investors, Entrepreneurs, New Retail Experts, Solution / Services Providers and Brands / Merchants in both the Far East and the West.   Headquartered in Hong Kong with regional desks in China [Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macau], France, Italy, Malaysia, Cambodia, and soon-to-be-launched country desks globally. ANR provides actionable tips, case studies and winning strategies to assist those who aspire to embark on, improve or utilize their New Retail Digitalization journey in the competitive China and Far East markets.  ANR is also proud to announce its cooperation agreements with leading Platforms, Technology companies and Industry Events across the spectrum of global, New Retail Economy. ANR is all set to launch "Asian New Retail Playbook' 22", an annual & quarterly guide on Asian New Retail Economy, Industry insights & success stories.   ANR alongside its Expert Networks is here to share its global expertise and experience to help brands excel in Asia and China. Stay tuned!


Why Asia & Why “The Asian General Chamber of New Retail” (ANR)?

  • 8+ Country, Regional Desks: Announcement of 25+ Desks by Q4 of ‘22
  • 200+ Business Case studies, 50+ engagements monthly, helping pair synergies &generating leads for members
  • 70+ Expert Networks. A Hub for Industry influencers, KOLs representing the interests of the New Retail community
  • 10+ Investor Networks.ANR’s  H.O.D., Investments, coordinating with global investor networks
  • 50+ New Retail Service Categories, Independently researched New Retail, DNA Map
  • 500+ Corporate & Individual Members. Anticipated 1.5k member registrations, globally by Q2 of 2023
  • 1200+ Collective Experience in Man Years.The ANR Committee, Expert Networks & Advisors collectively have been advocating strategies for Brands, Corporations for decades across verticals & through the New Retail journey

#TheAsianCentury - South East Asia is on the path to becoming a $1 Trillion digital economy by 2030.

The Pandemic factor:

As key technology, capital and market providers, Asia’s economies and populations have proved resilient and diligent, ready to play a leading role in shaping the next phase of globalisation. 

A way of life: 
According to the report, there are now 440 million internet users in Southeast Asia, with 60 million new users added every year since 2019. Internet penetration in the region is estimated at 75%. 

Digital decade: 
E-Commerce, food delivery and digital financial services are driving growth in the region toward the trillion-dollar mark. Investments in the digital economy are at a record high in 2021 with the value of deals in the region at $11.5 billion in the first semester, compared with $11.6 billion in the whole of 2020

Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership - #RCEP, the World’s largest free trade pact covers almost one-third of the world’s population and about one-third of its gross domestic product. 

The China, #GBA Blueprint broadly outlines for the future development of an internationally competitive, bay area by fully leveraging the composite advantages of the 9, tier-1 & tier-2 cities including the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Hong Kong) and Macau to create a world-class city-cluster that supports the country’s economic development.  

- 2.7 billion mobile internet users in the Asia Pacific region by 2025 - Payment transactions across South East Asia will almost double to . $1.2 trillion by 2025 - Amongst SEA’s internet users, 8 out of 10 are digital consumers 
- 350 Million SEA digital consumers who made at least one purchase online 

Credits: Google, Temasek, Bain & Company