ANR’s Executive Committee & Advisory Board Members

ANR has announced the appointment of over 30 international experts in the field of "New Retail" as its Heads of Departments, Board of Advisors and is in the process of announcing key, region wise cooperation with Industry Associations, Contributors, KOLs, Influencers to help Businesses & Brands overcome transformational challenges and adapt to the NEXT NORMAL. International Businesses & Brands call on ANR expert networks when they need very specific answers to oftentimes very nuanced questions.


Anita Hung

Secretary General

Robert Manjo

Deputy Secretary General

Nelson Ng


Prof Simon Choi

Legal Advisor

Eric Ng

OMO Advisor

Dr. Kenny Siu

Corporate Strategy Advisor

Kevin Shee

Business Start-up Advisor

Carrie Law

WOW Advisor

Agnes Wong

Risk Management Advisor

Matthew Hui

Fintech Advisor

Alex Chan

Advisor for Logistics

Tommy Cheng

Cross-border eCommerce Advisor

Johnny Wong

Social Commerce Advisor

Anita Chan

Head of Hospitality

Penny Yeung

Head of Wellness & Beauty

Alison Leung

Head of Academy

Tony Chan

Head of Business Empowerment

Benjamin Yu

Project Director

Lam Kam Po

Program Director

Wilson Wong

Digital Marketing Director

Carri Yeung

Media & PR Director

Cannis Ma

Business Operations Director

Edgar Choi

Youth Committee, Legal Affairs